Chick Corea Tribute 13/02/2021

djdrfusion · Chick Corea Tribute 13/02/2021

This is a show I did back in Feb 2021, I recently listened to it and I remembered why I chose to play jazz that day Chick Corea had passed that week so it was kind of tribute you could say, the first time very heard about jazz from through this man and the track was Friends from the 1978 album Friends it was my brother Jeff who opened my eyes the jazz fusion I was just a teenager but since the day I’ve always been a fan of Chick Corea.
After hearing the show again I now know why I didn’t post it
in the second part of the recording you can hear the dirt on the needle (I get so excite about the next tune I want to play I forget to brush stylus).
so guys hope you all enjoy I have to admit its nice jazz fusion with a touch of soul at the end