Indigenous rights in Australia

“The stereotype that aboriginal people have a genetic intolerance to alcohol persists in Canada and around the world, but a Manitoba medical expert says studies show a possible predisposition to alcoholism really boils down to social conditions such as poverty and that is what people should focus on addressing”.
Says Dr. Joel Kettner

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Our Generation is a documentary film by Sinem Saban & Damien Curtis
Hidden from the eyes of the world, Australia’s First Peoples are fighting for freedom. Our Generation is their call to the nation, a fresh and unflinching look at unresolved issues, driven by the Yolngu of Northeast Arnhem Land.
If ever Australia has an inconvenient truth, this is it. Our Generation is a highly emotional, powerful journey into territory that we have chosen too long to ignore. This is a film every Australian needs to see. ~ Cathy Henkel, The Burning Season
Our Generation is an independent documentary film, made over 3 years, that looks at the current state of Indigenous relations in Australia, home to the oldest living culture in the world.
Driven by the remote Yolngu peoples of Northeast Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, the film shines a light on the ongoing struggle of Aboriginal people to their culture, lands and basic human rights.
It is a call for understanding and action, for black and white Australians to come together to challenge the ongoing racism and assimilation that lie hidden in the “lucky country”. It is also a cry for freedom, on the frontier between worlds, that resonates with the struggles of Indigenous peoples across the globe.
•Written, produced and directed by Sinem Saban & Damien Curtis.
•Featuring Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra, Judy Djanumbe, Marcus Mungul Lacey, Rose Guyuwanga, Prof Larissa Behrendt, Prof Henry Reynolds, Les Malezer, and more.