DJ Dr Fusion Saturday Afternoon Jam 17/07/2021

djdrfusion · DJ Dr Fusion Saturday Afternoon Jam 17/07/2021

Summer Love [Beach House Dub] 1997
Ralf GUM meets Sio – Un-Love You 2021
Lesny Deep Remix – Close To Me 2021
Imaani – Live Without Love 2015
David Federmann – Cherry Tree 2017
Floyd Lavine – Masala 2017
DJ Oji, Una – We Lift Our Hands In The Sanctuary
Timmy Regisford – At The Club 2018
Blue Six – Music & Wine 1997
Guy Robin – Only You
Ian Ludvig, Idd Aziz – Dodo 2021
Copyright feat. Imaani – Wizeman
Index – Give Me A Sign 1989
Fatback Band – Groovy Kind of Day 1975
Earth, Wind & Fire – Brazilian Rhyme 1977
Level 42 – Love Meeting Love 1982
The Limit – Pop 1982
Tom Brown – Funkin’ For Jamaica 1980
Los Amigos Invisibles – Ease Your Mind 1986
At One – African Healing Dance 2021
Stanny Abram – The Beginning Of The End 2020
Fred Everything – Searching (Acoustic Mix)
Nathan Haines – Earth Is The Place
Roy Davis Jr – On My Own 2010
Chantay Savage – Summer 2015
Bucie ft. Demor Sikhosana – Induku Enhle
Dele Sosimi – Wahala Identity 2009

The Fusion Experience djdrfusion 19/05/2018


70’s Disco:
Crown Heights Affair – Galaxy of love 1978
Hi Tension – Power And Lightning 1978

Jazz Fusion:
Patchworks – Summertime
Jeff Lorber – Hyperdrive 2017
Evolution – Too Much Traffic 2012
Weather Report – This is This 1985
Pat Metheny – To The End Of The World 1994
Steps Ahead – Well In That Case 1989
Avishai Cohen – How Long 2003
Spyro Gyra – Open Door 2005
1965 jazz blues:
Sammy Davis Count Basie – Shes a woman 1965
Aertha franklin – More 1965
Jimmy Smith – Mojo Got my working 1965

Wolfgang Hoffner – Bing 2012
Billy Cobham – Africas Sounds
Chick Correa – Johnnys Landing
Young Christopher – The Suite – The Hurricane
John Barry – Dixie Kidnaps Vera – The cotton Club
Lalo Schifrin – Dirty Harrys Creed – Dirty Harry
Prince – When The Lights Go Down 1999
Prince – 1+1+1 Is 3 2001


The Fusion Experience djdrfusion 19/05/2018
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It had been some time since Ii did a show, so I was lucky enough to get a 4 hour set, if you listen half way through the show you’ll probably be able to tell that i had a drink or two, anyway hope you enjoy.

Kicked off with
Donald Harrison – Iko Iko
Aaron Neville – Use Me
Chaka Khan – Everywhere
70’s & 80’s funk
Rick James – Call me up
Rick James – She blew my mind
Rick James – 17
Fatback band – Is this the future
Fatback band – Love Sell
Fatback band – Wild Dreams
L J Reynolds – key to the world
A touch of reggae
Ruddy Thomas – Key to the world
Winston Reedy – Dim the lights down
Barry Biggs – Wide Awake in a dream
The Investigators – baby I’m yours
Peter Hunningale – Oh Honey
A little R&B
Anthony Hamilton – Lucile
Case – Missing
Joe – If loving you is wrong
Frederick – Games
Maze – Laid back girl
Earth, wind & fire – In the stone

A some fusion jazz
Level 42 – “43”
YellowJackets – Samurai Samba
Acoustic Alchemy – Marrakesh
Sabrina Malheios – Von Voar
Grub Batugus – Afro black
Muzart – Jukebox
Muzart – The Great i Am
Nitin Sawhney – Breathing Light
Sara Travers – I’ve got a song in my heart
A little jazz
Pat Metheny – Sunlight
Pat Metheny – Third Wind
Pat Metheny – 557
Prince – When the lights go down
Prince – Muss 2 the Pharaoh
Prince – Underneath the Cream
Omar – Treat you
omar – Gimme sum
Omar – When you touch we touch
Bill Withers – Lonely town lonely street
Heatwave – star of a story
Carl Thomas – emotional
Courtney Buchnan – Life with you
End the show with some jazz
Dave Brubeck – Castilian blues
Chick Corea – Friends
Chick corea – Love Castle
Chick corea – Rumble
Jeff Lorber – What is it
Jeff Lorber – Water Sign
Jeff lorber – Galaxy
Bob James – Worlds Apart


Hold it down
DJ Fudge ft Omar
George Fitzgerald – Beam me up
Brand Now Heavies = You are the universe
Shakatak – Chi Cchi Castengo
Level 42 – World Machine
Kool & the Gang – Dujii 1971
The Average White Band – The Jugglers
James Brown – There was a time 1969
James Brown – The Man in the glass
Bill Withers – Lonely Town Lonely Street
Johnny Guitar Watson – I Need It
Fatback – Wicki Wacky
Cymande – Brother on the slide
B.T. Express – If it don’t turn you on

Cat Stevens – Was dog a doughnut 1976
The Bad Plus – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Abdullah Ibrahim – Virgin Jungle
Count Basie – Stompin & Jumping
Duke Ellington – Take the Coltrane
Sabrina Malheiros – Saudade Rio
Jermaine Jackson – Tell me i’m not dreaming
The Jackson 5 – Body
The Jackson 5 – Your ways
The Jackson 5 – Touch
Micheal Jackson – I wanna be where you are
It’s my house
Dennis Edwards – Don’t look any further
Midnight Star – Curious
Minnie Riperton – Simple things

Recorded show & playlist 10/05/2014

Mi Casa – Be the one
Omar – As long as you believe
Black Coffee – Superman
Shakatak – Don’t push me
Level 42 – World Machine
Incognito – Fearless
Prince – The Daisy Chain
Prince – Radical man
Prince – Hypnopardise
Average White Band – In the beginning 1973
Bill Withers – You 1974
Gwan McCrae – Mr Everything 1976
Nancy Wilson – Little Unhappy boy 1962
Aretha Franklin – More
Oscar Peterson – Gee baby ain’t I good to you
Elif Caglar – Should I trust you
Ida Sand – Use me
Eliana Elias – Running

Marcus Miller – Steveland
Miles Davis – Tomaas
Steps Ahead – Safari
Michel Franks – Eggplant
Steven Bishops – On and on
Steely Dan – Peg
Jack Lee – Scenes from my life
Touchdown – ease your mind

Why I Love My Website

sony_walkman_tps_l2Back in the day when one would sit there recording the fresh vinyl on to the old Cassette tape.
It must have been Christmas 1982, I was about 15, a friend of my late father Desmond Gibson had given me a Sony Walkman.
I remember the first time I put the headphones on, it was like “WOW” walking around all day in total freedom from the outside world, feeling sweet and listening to the beat.
You know I have to admit, some years back I was in a place where I had no freedom, and the only thing that kept me sane was my sweet little Sony Walkman...
Which brings us to the point of “Why I Love My Website”, did you know you can listen to any one of my recorded radio show wherever one might be in the world, through the genius of the Internet you can tune in and drop out the noise of the planet.
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