Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding
You know I have to admit, this young beautiful amazing lady is always in my head, from the moment I awake, music goes on and she’s there, as i cycle to work. she’s there full volume in my ears.
For me it’s all about the sound quality, you can only tell if a band or artist is any good is when their not in a studio, i’m not saying i’m an expert or anything but i do listen to jazz, now in my opinion jazz is the next thing to classical music, and you can’t get any more raw then classical music.
You know when you wake up and the window is slightly open and you can hear birds bringing the morning or when your by the coast and the soft sounds of the ocean, its that natural sound that I warm to, one could say harmony where everything is just right, I’m sure I’ve had this feeling before but right now Esperanza Spalding doing it for me.
The opening track “Ponts de Areia” from the album “Esperanza” released 2008 this tune is a classic example of what I’ve just been talking about, natural sound and harmony, the other tracks are just as sweet, all music on this CD its self was produced by her too

Live at the Musical Theater Basel 2012 November Switzerland.

Esperanza Spalding 1

Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding 2
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esperanza spalding